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Grifols Plasma Centers

When you go to give blood or plasma, the nurse will ask you: "What side do you want?" This sparked the idea for Showing Your Good Side. When people show their good side by donating plasma, they save millions of lives around the world with plasma-derived medicines. And since plasma can't be made in a lab, patients depend on the "good side" of others to provide these life-saving medications.


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Helping others is one of the best ways to show your good side. You can show it at a Grifols center by donating plasma to help make lifesaving medicines for patients who rely on them. Have a safe, comfortable experience and receive up to $XXX your first month. 

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Showing your good side by donating plasma helps patients and you. When you give plasma at a Grifols center, you’re part of a bigger effort to help save lives, and you’ll receive compensation as our thank-you for your time and commitment—up to $XXX your first month. 

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Become a plasma donor at a Grifols center and join the thousands of people who donate safely each week. By showing your good side, you make it possible for millions of patients around the world to get the medicines they need. Receive up to $XXX your first month. 

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Want a rewarding way to show off your good side? Every time you donate plasma at a Grifols center, you’ll receive compensation—up to $XXX your first month. So while you help save patients’ lives, you’ll get some extra help for you and your family. 

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Donating plasma is a lifesaving opportunity to show your good side. By donating at Grifols along with thousands of others each week, you help make medicines for patients around the world. It’s safe and it’s rewarding. Receive up to $XXX your first month. 

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